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The word Shenandoah does come from Algonquian-Wakashian American Indians which does mean (Beautiful star daughter; maybe spruce-lined stream or vast prairie.)

Shenandoah was the birthplace of jazz musicians and bandleaders Tommy Dorsey and Jimmy Dorsey.

Francis Brennan (7 May 1894–2 July 1968) was a cardinal of the Catholic Church, Dean of the Sacra Rota Romana 1959-1968, and prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments 1968. Francis Brennan was the first American to receive an appointment to the Roman Curia, or church court, the highest honor in the Roman Catholic Church.

Shenandoah was also the birthplace of writer Daryl Ponicsan, whose novel, Andoshen, PA is set in "a fictional town fourteen real miles from John O'Hara's fictional Gibbsville." (Shenandoah is fourteen miles north of Pottsville).

Shenandoah was also the birthplace of Mary Twardzik. In 1952, her son Ted, using Mary's original recipe for a potato-stuffed pasta pocket, or pierogi, launched the Shenandoah-based, brand Mrs. T's Pierogies', which today is run with the help of Ateeco Corp.

Roman-Catholic priest, best selling author, and GULAG survivor Walter Ciszek was born to a Polish-American family in Shenandoah. He is currently under investigation for possible Sainthood. His current title is Servant of God.

Anthony P. Damato, Shenandoah native, United States Marine and Medal of Honor recipient. A Gearing-class destroyer of the United States Navy (USS Damato), was named in honor of Corporal Damato.

Shenandoah is also the birthplace of Jerry Wolman, former owner of the Philadelphia Eagles Football Club of the National Football League. He was also a founding owner of the Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Club of the National Hockey League.

Peter Wisher (Wiskersky), born in Shenandoah, later employed by Gallaudet University (a university for the deaf and hard-of-hearing). He created an acclaimed dance genre for the deaf.

Shenandoah is also known as the Kielbasi Capital of Eastern Coast. Best known for this Eastern European specialty are Capital Food Store, Lucky’s Kielbasi Shop and Kowalonek Kielbasi Shop. Around the holidays the lines are a street block long. People come from all over an all states to savor the flavor of “KIELBASI”.

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